Carole and Tom – Aljambra, Albox.

December 2009

The original details of the villa from North Property stated that we would have water and electricity. We also paid for the water connection from the road and the meter and then successfully had the mains water connected - we have no complaint there.

  • We are one couple amongst a group of 13 villa owners in Aljambra who entered into a contract, dated April 2006, with a local electrician to provide a full electricity supply, to be paid for in four installments. This was to replace the temporary builder’s supply connected when we moved in.
  • The project was prepared and sent to the relevant department. This was later agreed and stamped in Almeria.
  • Initially electrical work went ahead as detailed in the contract – to date the group have paid a total of 100,000 Euros.
  • After the snow brought down power lines nearby, during early 2007, the electricity company visited our area and disconnected the cables providing our temporary supply.  Our group of villa owners now has to use expensive, individual generators to supply power for our homes.
  • We have 'boletins' for electricity and permission for electricity to be connected from the previous Mayor of Albox. We have been told by the Ministry of Works at the Junta that they cannot pass the works completed so far because there is a denuncia against us for being illegal properties and we cannot be finally connected to the main grid. However, the project was approved by the Junta six months after the denuncia was in place. We wish to continue with the electrical work, have the infrastructure connection to the main grid and pay for the electricity we use.
  • We wish to be treated fairly and be allowed to live our lives without the hardship and high costs that lack of mains electricity causes.



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