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AUAN is open to all individuals affected by the "illegal" housing situation in Andalucía. We believe that individuals acting on their own are less likely to influence the situation.  By uniting, we will have a greater capability to fight a common cause.

We are a non-profit, non-political pressure group. We advocate for the rights of homeowners in Andalucia affected by housing irregularities created by the misdeeds of local officials, lawyers and developers and by the maladministration of the Junta de Andalucia.

 We are made up of affected homeowners with many years of experience of dealing with the problems of irregular housing. We use our membership fees to pay for independent planning and legal advice.

 We are registered as an association with the regional government (Junta de Andalucia). Our registration number is G04608261.

 The Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom provides a link to our association.

Full Membership

Full membership of AUAN is open to homeowners from across Andalucia. Historically it was of particular benefit to those who live in Albanchez, Albox, Arboleas, Cantoria, Oria, Partaloa and Zurgena, but now AUAN has expanded to cover all of Andalucia.

As a member of the association you will be entitled:

  • To participate in members meetings.

  • To vote in a members meeting, personally or by representation through any legally allowed means.

  • To be informed about the association’s plans and progress via emails from the President.

  • To be informed of motions legally adopted.

  • To be informed about the state of the accounts and prior to convocation of members meeting, to receive an agenda listing the subjects to be dealt with at that meeting.

  • To be elected to and eligible to form part of the associations steering committee.

  • To attend Advisory and/or Legal clinics in person to discuss any issues relating to your property.

  • To receive updates on planning and legal developments. This includes expert commentary on town plans and the filing of formal objections to changes that are deemed to be contrary to our member’s interests.

  • To have access to the members only area of our website.

  • To receive updates on general planning and legislative changes deemed by the committee to be of relevance to the members interests. This includes expert commentary on those changes.

Joining Instructions - Full membership

Those applying for full membership may download a Membership Application Form and come along to our next meeting (See our Home Page for the date of our next meeting) or

Payment in cash

Cash payments should be placed in a sealed envelope. Please ensure that you include your name with the payment, and we will email a receipt to you

                    PO Box 104, c/o Can Connect,
                    Avenida America 14,
                    04800 ALBOX
                    Almeria. SPAIN.


Associate Membership

Due to geographic distance and other practical concerns it may not be possible for homeowners throughout Andalucia to benefit from full membership of our association. We have therefore created an additional category of membership which may be more suited to your needs.

 As an associate member of the association you will be entitled to the same rights as Full members.


What do we do with your membership fee?

 All membership funds are used:

  • To pay for independent professional advice and assistance for the benefit of members.

  • To lobby for change through dialogue, through selected legal initiatives and through various other activities that require expert assistance and incur incidental expenses such as the costs associated with travelling to meet with members of Parliament in Seville or with other associations throughout Andalucia.



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